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My daughter, at age 16, was miserable and my heart hurt for her. In school, she fought to maintain focus and attention. She was severely depressed and hung her head with her hair in front of her eyes to fend off the world. Homework stressed her into a melt-down. She would wait until the last minute and dissolve into tears about the homework. She was socially withdrawn and feared meeting new people. She had no voice and no self-confidence. She would not attend school functions. She did not sleep well. I was worried sick. Our teachers at school told us about the Brain Mapping and QEEG Neurofeedback approaches that were available at Renovare Wellness by Design and Brain Peak Performace. They thought this might help Savana.


Dr. Gerhart explained, in our introductory meeting, that Savana would first need to change her nutrition and take recommended supplements to help her gut and digestive system heal. The supplements included digestive enzymes, specialized probiotics, and supplements to stimulate cellular energy. Savana surprised everyone and easily adapted to eating more nutritious foods and complied with her new supplements. Quickly, she was able to do a Brain Map. The Brain Map guided Dr. Gerhart to set up a QEEG Neurofeedback plan for Savana.


Savana began showing tremendous changes after 12-16 sessions and now she has completed 20. The changes are out of this world! Savana wakes herself in the morning since she is getting the right amount of sleep. She is going to school functions and family gatherings and enjoying them! Recently she laughed and joked during a family gathering. There is no crying before school. She is getting straight A’s, but the big change is that there is no struggle with completing homework assignments. She shows a passion to learn now. She has been asked to be a tutor for other children and this would never have happened before. You can tell by her facial expression that she feels empowered with new self-confidence.


This change has made family life easier. She is no longer glued to me when we go out. I don’t have to worry so much about her future. I was so happy when she told me she had to do a class presentation and although she was apprehensive, she knew she could do it. She is able to be pushed in her academics now. What a change! What a relief! We are so grateful for the help of Dr.Gerhart and the Renovare Wellness By Design and Brain Peak Performance team.


Tammy B.



I came to Renovare Wellness by Design because I felt like I was “turning in circles” and could not find direction or energy for a normal life. I had many digestive issues, migraine headaches, overwhelming fatigue and anxiety. My vision was distorted and could not be corrected with glasses. I couldn’t read or even recognize words to help me find the bathroom when I was away from home. Vision became so distorted that familiar places and the environment around me would be so jumbled looking that my husband could be standing right in front of me and I would not recognize him until he spoke. At times, I could not make sentences because I was unable to put words together and remember them long enough for them to make sense. I couldn’t drive. I tested positive for heavy metal toxicity. Life was a struggle. In earlier years, I had a Traumatic Brain Injury and I also suffered from Post Traumaic Stress Disorder.


Treatment at Renovare Clinic has turned my life around and dramatically reduced or removed my debilitating symptoms. The Doctor started my treatment by addressing my nutrition and removing foods that I was allergic to. I started on a supplement plan that was designed specifically for me, including lots of healthy oils. I was able to de-tox from heavy metals. The treatments included Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Spinal Adjustments and the specialized supplemental program. I was getting much better but I knew that I was not at my best. The Doctor suggested a Brain Map in order to see how my brain was working. The Brain Map showed major brain wave imbalances. As a result of the Brain Map, I began EEG Neurofeedback . I have had about 20 sessions. I feel that the combination all of these approaches has changed my life.


My vision has improved and now I can drive! I can even read without confusion or falling asleep after 2 paragraphs. I feel I have exercised my brain and strengthened my brain. My anxiety levels dropped after only 2 sessions. I can listen to my husband talk and I can catch the information he is discussing. I can understand other people’s comments. My sleep has improved. I sleep 5-6 hours as opposed to only 2 hours in the past. I realize, sometimes, that stress can cause some of my symptoms to re-occur, but overall, my quality of life has improved tremendously. I know it is possible to continue to get better. I want to share my experience so that other people who are suffering will know that there is a place like Renovare Wellness By Design where they can get help to get better. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work with Dr.Gerhart and the staff at Renovare Clinic.


I also must say, that I feel that a higher power lead me to this clinic. I give thanks to that higher power for leading me here and providing me with people who are so filled with love and kindness. Dr. Gerhart is truly a walking example of someone who operates out of love for what he does and he is truly sincere in his care for his patients.






Before becoming a patient of Renovare Wellness By Design, I realized my body needed good vitamins and minerals and I needed guidance in how to have more energy and good sleep. I had been reacting to health issues for nearly twenty years. I was excited to learn about Dr. Gerhart’s experience and knowledge.


At Renovare Clinic, I was offered the philosophy of Wellness By Design. The program offers options based on an individual’s uniqueness, budget, time and readiness to learn. Dr. Gerhart is the best I have found in my fifteen years of professional experience in holistic medicine. Dr. Gerhart understands what is happening in a person’s body and adjusts treatment to each individual.


I was feeling better within the first week or two of starting treatment. I learned I was gluten sensitive and with changing my diet, I developed an improved gastric intestinal system. I enjoyed more energy. I felt improvement in my nervous system. With a new feeling of well being, I can be fully committed to my work. I am experiencing energy, stamina and vitality every day.


I would like to tell others that there is not one pill that addresses the same issue for everyone. Renovare respects the differences in each person’s complex body. The clinic addresses wellness, not disease. Renovare uses numerous components to create an integrated approach, customized for each person. If a person has tried past avenues that have failed, they should schedule a free consultation and learn about a plan that can be designed just for them.






I came to Renovare Wellness by Design two years ago. I knew that I needed more energy and vitality and I wanted to reduce brain fog and symptoms of stress. I showed Dr. Gerhart my present health plan and he wisely asked, “Is it working? ” I had to answer “no”.


We started the development of my new healthy lifestyle plan by discussing my goals. Next was the Body Composition and Metabolism Test that measured my state of health and could be re-done later to measure my progress. I added the Core 4 of recommended supplements; Vitamin D, Omega 3, Magnesium and a good multi-vitamin. I added in a simple healthy diet. Dr. Gerhart led me to realize that holding three jobs was probably more than a body should handle. He helped me set priorities for what I wanted to accomplish. The balancing of mind, body and emotions allowed me to look at the big picture for myself and make positive changes.


Finally, I experienced the most dramatic effect of all when I was able to improve my bone density tests to an acceptable level without going on prescription medication that was being recommended by my family doctor. The Bone Build supplement suggested by the clinic provides a combination of nutrients that help to build bone. After six months I had good bone test results!


Renovare Wellness By Design seeks to get to the root of symptoms. The clinic treats the patient with an individualized plan using all natural remedies including supplements, therapies and professional consultations. I am so pleased with my healthy body, sustainable lifestyle and healthy bones.






Five years ago, for no known reason, I had lost 55 pounds over a 2-3 year period. I was weak and had low energy. I had terribly bad breath. A friend referred me to Renovare Wellness By Design. He said he thought that Dr. Gerhart could help me get healthy again.


Dr. Timothy Gerhart saved my life. He listened carefully to my story. He provided professional testing and set up an individual treatment plan. Food allergies seemed to play a huge role in my health decline. He discovered that I am gluten intolerant and had other food allergies. I began eating gluten free and adopted a diet that met my body’s needs. I focused on real foods instead of processed foods. I gained weight, began exercising and could return to taking care of my home.


Renovare Wellness By Design is a wonderful place; professional and caring. As a result of their care, I have more energy and my husband and I can go out and enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Gerhart is always available when I need him.






All of my life I have been overweight. As an adolescent and as an adult, this caused a lot of social pressure. Due to my weight, I had added problems with shortness of breath, heart arrhythmia, brain fog. Iknew that this could lead to a shortened life span. I tried every diet and exercised aggressively with no results.


I attended a seminar at Renovare Wellness By Design and the message made so much sense. I signed up for the free first consultation with Dr. Gerhart. I began the healthy food and lifestyle plan that was recommended and added professional grade supplements. Four months later, I am 35 pounds lighter, my body fat percentage is decreasing, my brain fog lifted and I can walk long distances without getting out of breath. My friends tell me my complexion glows and the light has returned to my eyes. They notice I am whistling and humming. I am shopping for smaller clothes!


If someone had told me 6 months ago that my body would have this amazing turn around, I would have laughed at them. But now, my message to others is to “get in the water and swim, don’t sit on the sideline.” If I can do this at age 64, anyone can do it.





Mary Jo is free of pain for the first time in 25 years. She has resumed exercising, even walking on the treadmill which she thought was impossible.


Just a few months ago, Mary Jo, a retired nurse, heard Dr. Gerhart speak to her weight loss group. Mary Jo had scoliosis of the spine and debilitating pain. She had been told repeatedly that the only remedy was powerful pain medications which she refused to take due to the harmful side effects. The reason she came to the presentation was to learn about weight loss. But, she noticed that Dr. Gerhart was presenting some scientifically based information about metabolism, cellular repair and the reduction of inflammation. When she visited Dr. Gerhart in the office to talk about weight loss, she reported a pain level of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst possible. Mary Jo was offered a plan of care, not only for weight loss but for the reduction of pain.


Dr. Gerhart adjusted Mary Jo’s spine and feet to restore mobility and help de-stress her nervous system. He advised her to change her diet to include much more protein than she had been eating. She began to exclude gluten and dairy and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. She added the Core 4 Supplements which are made up of a Multi Vitamin, Omega D3 Fish Oils, Magnesium and Vitamin D3. A vitamin D3 test showed her to be low on Vitamin D3. She added some functional foods to boost her metabolism and reduce her pain causing inflammation. She began eating nutritious meals and snacks 5 times a day.


In only two weeks, Mary Jo’s pain went from the level of 10 to 0! This was such an amazing change. This meant that Mary Jo no longer had days that she could leave the house due to pain. She has returned to the gym and joined in exercise classes. She has new energy and a brighter mental attitude. Her clothes are beginning to be loose on her healthy frame. She now has hope for a pain free future with a healthy strong body. Her daughter and friends comment on her new energy and vitality.


Mary Jo said that what she learned at the clinic was so different from what she learned many years ago in nursing school. New information is available through Renovare regarding foods, supplements, exercise and the full healthy lifestyle. She said we may think we know what is right for our body but with new information we can discover there are alternatives that can be extremely effective. She was intrigued by Dr. Gerhart’s scientific approach which is well researched and proven. This approach convinced her to give it a try and she was surprised and extremely pleased with the results. She said she is now “in this for the long haul” with a whole new lease on life.


Mary Jo



I can’t say anything in two-three lines (!) but I’m thinking you want my ‘testimony’ about Renovare Wellness by Design.


I stumbled in to RWD by accident, however, I found the issues they addressed reminded me of the sypmtoms myself and all of my friends are experiencing. My curiosity kicked in after a body fat test, I realized I was in much worse physical and emotional condition that I had ever thought possible – even though my outer frame seemed OK. I was intrigued by a bootcamp they were offering that promoted “90 days to CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. Thru the education and support of the program I was able to incorporate lifestyle changes that, for the first time in life – truly CHANGED my life!! There isn’t a day go by that someone doesn’t ask me what kind of “diet” I am on. It’s not a diet – I am not a dieter. It’s a lifestyle change that starts from the inside out – an approach I had never taken before. IF you are ready to feel and look better from the inside out, I HIGHLY recommend RWD.





Donna was happy to share her story about her journey from a lifetime of arthritic pain t o wellness. At age 13, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. For years she suffered pain all over her body and fatigue and inflammation. Weather changes affected her condition by causing added pain and discomfort. She took many medications and she took shots every two weeks.


Donna recently became a patient at Renovare Wellness by Design. Upon meeting Donna, Dr. Gerhart suspected food allergies and gluten sensitivity. Follow up food allergy testing revealed allergies to gluten, sugar, almonds and beef. With dietary changes, Donna enjoyed remarkable improvement within 30 days. Dr. Gerhart also matched Donna with high quality supplements that support her energy and vitality.


The changes that Donna is enjoying are: no pain, no inflammation, no brain fog and she feels good! She describes her improved health as “a miracle”. She is able to be active from morning to night and no longer requires her daily nap.


Donna wants to tell others to accept the challenge to find improved health. She recommends that a patient listen to Dr. Gerhart because he is highly experienced. Stick to the recommendations and give the program a chance. It is worth the change in lifestyle to feel good and to have new energy for an active life.



Schedule Free Consult Today: (623) 776-0206

Schedule Free Consult Today: (623) 776-0206