Renovare Test Descriptions


The purpose of testing is to uncover the root causes of your health problems and to measure your response to care so we can modify your care as needed. Here are some of the tests we offer:

Body Composition and Metabolism (BCM)

My favorite test to assess your metabolism through IntraCellular Water (ICW), toxicity through (ECW), Body Cell mass (muscle and organ mass) which is your metabolic “engine” size, and Fat mass which is stored energy. Elevated Fat Mass is a symptom of damaged metabolism and/or excessive toxicity with your fat being a toxin storage depot to protect your body, brain, and nervous system from some of the over 80,000 toxic chemicals we have introduced to our environment.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

A functional measurement of internal stress in your nervous system and your heart adaptive reserve. It measures factors affecting your health – like digestive function – and Wellness independent of cholesterol and other blood markers. It provides a helpful picture of how your LifeStyle fits your unique needs.

ElectroMeridian Imaging (EMI)

My favorite way to measure your body energetics. We measure both the electrical “charge” in your body battery and your electrical balance to guide us in “tuning up” your body bioenergetics. It guides us in offering the most effective forms of acupuncture, laser, microcurrent and even home laser training.

[fancy_header]Integrated Functional Examination with Functional Neurologic Examination[/fancy_header]

  • Our exam is as thorough as our history. We carefully evaluate your “internal stress level” related to altered digestive function, muscle, joint, and connective tissue sensory input, and brain cerebellar function. We look for signs of altered metabolism, brain and spinal cord function, and signs of maldigestion/malabsorption.
  • Our exams, which do not require major disrobing or gowns are a comfortable, interactive learning experience. We ask that you bring comfortable gym trunks and a short-sleave T-shirt to your exam appointment.
  • Although trained in female pelvic exams and male prostate exams, we choose to refer out for these more invasive gynecological and urological/male examinations.

Artery Age Test

A functional measurement of arterial wave form to assess flexibility and endothelial function. This is a much more sensitive and early assessment of arterial health than very late stage “plugging” or occlusion of arteries.

Zinc Sufficiency Taste Test

A functional measurement of taste sensitivity which is dependent on zinc. Low zinc creates impaired taste for sweet, salty, and zinc sulfate which is the test solution we use. Normal is a strong dry, furry, metallic taste within 10 seconds or less.

Iodine Absorption Test

A functional assessment of Iodine sufficiency. Normal is slow absorption which means the Iodine stain stays visible for 12 – 24 hours. Less is a sign of Iodine insufficiency. This can be confirmed by a lab test if needed.

Vinegar Cocktail Test

A functional measurement of your ability to make sufficient stomach acid to digest protein, absorb minerals, close the valve at the top of your stomach to prevent heartburn, and to trigger the release of digestive enzymes. Blood lab testing can also show signs of low stomach acid through signs of poor digestion and absorption.

Post Challenge Heavy Metals Test

A specialized urinalysis test to measure tissue levels of toxic heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, antimony, and aluminum after using the chelating agent DMSA to “pull” like a vacuum cleaner heavy metals from your body. Heavy metals contribute to inflammation, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial metabolism damage so it is important to identify those in need of oral chelation therapy.

Follow-up Report of Findings Visit

This visit is typically 30 minutes to go over your test results, what they mean related to your Wellness Goals and Root Causes, and Care Options. Extra time can be scheduled for those who desire more time for questions and explanations. The fee for Doctor time is $30. per 10 minute increments.

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