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Memory loss can be the subject of many jokes especially as you age. You or someone else might say ‘Having a senior moment’. Is there such a thing as normal memory loss? Yes, there is. It’s temporary and it doesn’t repeat itself over and over again.

Everyone forgets or has some type of memory loss in the moment no matter what age. You may misplace things you use everyday: keys, glasses, a book, checkbook and so much more. Your brain may skip a beat when you are overloading your brain with new information, stress, deadlines, high expectations, worry or a major life event.

When should you see a healthcare specialist for your memory problems? When your memory problems show up more and more frequently. When you need a file cabinet for all of your memory reminders (sticky notes, alarms on your phone, long lists of reminders, strings on your finger). Your memory loss is also abnormal when it is getting in the way of you having a fully active productive life.

There are certain memory loss issues that need to be evaluated as soon as possible. You or someone you know is getting lost in familiar places and it’s happened several times. It’s time to see a healthcare specialist. Most likely they will give you a short term memory test and long term memory test. You may also be tested with specific tests for specific medical conditions.

The latest technology that will give you a wide variety of feedback on your current brain function is Brain Mapping. Having a Brain Map completed will show you how well your brain is working or not working. Renovare Wellness By Design is able to do brain mapping and help you find the root cause of your memory loss.

There are many causes for memory loss. Many of these causes can be easily addressed. More serious memory loss issues can be Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, dementia, depression, blood clot, post concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury, lead poisoning or an environmental toxicity that is affecting your brain.

The more serious memory loss signs can be asking the same questions repeatedly, telling the same story over and over again or not being able to follow directions. Sometimes one can be left with confusion about time, people and places when their brain is not working 100%. Another memory loss issue is forgetting to take proper care of yourself.

Knowing what normal memory loss is will help you decide when it’s important to seek a healthcare specialist that can help you resolve any memory problems you may have. Know that your memory is a precious asset to maintain. Do whatever you can to take great care of it.

No need to struggle with memory loss issues any longer. Renovare uses the latest technology and highly researched holistic natural approaches for reducing and resolving multiple chronic diseases challenges. Renovare Brain Peak Performance is a specific program that focuses on ways to improve your memory via brain mapping (evaluation of how your brain works or doesn’t work) and brain training (neurofeedback). Call +1(623)776-0206 for your Free Consult Today!

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Schedule Free Consult Today: (623) 776-0206