Microcurrent Therapy

  • Uses gentle electrical currents at microamp (millioneth of an amp) just like the body circulates through your heart (measured with medical EKG’s) , brain (measured with ECG’s) and rest of your body (called “Chi” in oriental medicine). These electrical currents have been shown to increase cellular energy production as ATP over 400% to accelerate your healing, decrease your inflammation, and decrease your pain. This therapy is painless and safe with any implant, pacemaker, or other medical implanted device since it uses the same electrical current that already flows in your body.
  • Note: A TENS unit, at 1000th of an amp, is a thousand time stronger than Microcurrent, at a 1,000,000th of an amp. Amp is measure of electrical current intensity. A TENS units DECREASES cellular energy production so it does NOT increase the healing response which is why we prefer to avoid this therapy whenever possible.