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Patients CV and SV are a delightful retired couple who came to Renovare Wellness By Design in Peoria, AZ for help with their memory loss. They love adventure, travel and learning and wanted to continue to indulge in all.

They were both struggling with declining memory. They had reached the point of depending on each other to put pieces together that each had forgotten. Human beings compensate in many ways when their health and wellness isn’t working 100%. Their compensation was attempting to create a whole working brain by depending on each other. Together they managed more. Together they had more memory than by themselves. This was working to a certain degree, but then it wasn’t working in so many ways.

They were really concerned about their memory loss and what was going to happen to them in the future.

When they walked through the doors of Renovare Wellness By Design with a memory loss issue one of our first priorities was a Brain Map. Brain Mapping helps us identify what is working and what is not working with the brain. Can you imagine how Brain Mapping would be a critical test to perform with post concussive syndrome, whiplash, traumatic brain injury, dementia, forgetfullness, concussion treatment or any other type of memory loss?

They started on their Renovare wellness care program with Brain Training and Balancing (QEEG Neurofeedback Program), Smart Eating, Smart Supplements and a specific exercise program.

The CEC (Cognitive Emotional Checklist) is completed by the patient to record what they notice and feel. The EEG (electroencephalography) shows Brain Wave patterns. The colored (Red, Yellow or Green) catagory results you see in the diagram below are based on probability. Green = Low probability of a problem; Yellow = Medium probability of a problem; Red = High probability of a problem.

Once we discovered what the root causes of their memory loss was they began their Brain Balancing Program on September, 2014.

Patient CV September, 2014 before starting Brain Balancing:

Patient CV CEC brain mapping short term memory loss confusion brain waves eeg test dementia post concussion syndrome Peoria AZ chiropractic acupuncture


Look specifically at the ‘Memory Processing’ section. Notice there were 6 “Reds” before Brain Balancing and now 3 “Reds” after Brain Balancing. Many of Patient CV’s “Yellows” went from 6 to 4.


Overall, Patient CV rated his memory improvement at 9/10 with 10 being “greatly improved”. A factor to take into account is that men tend to under-report significant problems. Men need help “tuning-in” to their body, mind health and wellness. What kind of difference do you think these changes made in Patient CV’s quality of life?

Dementia is one of the top threats to health and wellness in the world. Can you imagine the difference this made for Patient CV? A brain that works prevents dementia and other age-related brain dysfunctions (cognitive decline). Patient CV now has access to a much higher quality of life and independence.

What might the emotional, financial and personal cost of losing one’s independence, quality of life and trying to figure out how to cover the financial burden of $4000+ per month for a memory care nursing home?

We have heard that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. I now understand that for many, an ounce of prevention is better than 10,000 pounds of cure – especially when there is no cure available!

By the way, Patient CV and his wife are planning their next trip!


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Schedule Free Consult Today: (623) 776-0206