MCT Oil increase metabolism Alzheimer's memory loss hypothyroid weight loss chronic fatigueWhy am I so excited by MCT oil?

  • Provide instant and sustained energy – processed uniquely in the liver to make lots of sustained energy fast.
  • Provides the benefits of coconut oil – but concentrated so 1 tablespoon of MCT oil concentrate is equivalent up to 18 tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Colorless and virtually tasteless so can be added to food, salads, & shakes without the “yuk” factor.
  • MCTs improve blood sugar regulation, stops hypoglycemic swings
  • Improve metabolism (especially fat metabolism) to boost your fat burning
  • May improve thyroid function,
  • Improve appetite regulation – you feel full and stay that way longer.
  • Used to treat those suffering with many ailments (Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, seizures, cystic fibrosis, etc
  • MCT oil is like rocket fuel for your brain because it enhances ketone production. Ketones, of course, are a more efficient fuel for your brain.

How to start:

  1. To allow your digestive system and liver to adapt to increasing levels, start slow at 1 teaspoon 3X/day added to food, salads, smoothies or
    swallow it straight. It it clear, tasteless and odorless.
  2. Over the first week, gradually increase your dose to 1 tablespoon 3X/day.
  3. Over the 2nd week, work up to 1-3 tablespoons taken 2-3X/day.
  4. Continue as long as you would like to support your fat burning metabolism, high level energy and stamina, and peak brain performance.

Not all MCT oils are created equal

  • if you want the best results, the pure, non-GMO, professional-grade highly concentrated C8 version is essential.
Schedule Free Consult Today: (623) 776-0206

Schedule Free Consult Today: (623) 776-0206