Some causes for addictions can be related to trauma during the formative years 
of childhood to young adulthood when we are particulary vulnerable to epigenic 
influence.(Changes to our “software” that turns the gene “hardware” on and off). 
As a result, it is important to look at the mental,spiritual and psychodynamics 
of a person’s past  experiences. It is also important to realize that there can 
be a strong likelhood of cross addiction, meaning that as a person detoxes from 
alcohol, drugs, nicotine or orther addictions, they often transition from one 
addictive behavior to another.  And, designer foods with added flavor enhancers, 
can release ten times the amont of dopamine of unaltered food.  Sugar and high 
fructose corn syrup are highly addictive as are grains that rapidly break down 
into sugar. Using brain imaging, researchers confirm that highly processed 
carbohydrates ( sugar and grains) stimulate brain regions involved in reward and 
cravings, promoting excess hunger. Addictions cause actual brain changes and 
support autoimmune damage and diabetes/insulin resistence. 
For more information about food addictions, I recommend reading: The Hunger Fix 
by Dr. Pamela Peeke. Also , 7 Secrets to Wellness”  and “Change Your Brain, 
Transform Your Life” by Dr. Timothy Gerhart. 
By: Dr. Timothy Gerhart D.C., A.D.a.B.C. I., Dipl Ac.and Caren Marshall MSW, 
The Hunger Fix by Dr.Pamela Peeks 
7 Secrets to Wellness and Change Your Brain Transform Your Life by Dr. Timothy