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Mary came to Renovare Wellness By Design clinic and shared her story. She had developed sores on her inner ankle that progressed to an open wound. She didn’t have insurance. She tried some home treatments without any results.

When Mary’s chronic condition didn’t improve she setup an appointment with a medical physician. The medical doctor ran tests and tried a dosage of antibiotics with no results. The wound progressively got worse and formed a deep pocket that was big enough to insert 3 fingers.

Her medical doctor referred her to a medical specialist. The new medical doctor added more tests and could not figure out what was causing this progressive chronic open wound. She received a diagnosis of some sort and was referred to yet another medical specialist. Can you guess what the new medical doctor did? More testing with no answers for what was causing Mary’s deep pocket wound.

Mary quickly drained over $10,000 from her lifetime savings account to receive help for this serious chronic open lesion on her ankle. She still had no answers. Her medical expenses were pushing her to the edge. She was in the process of losing her home and declaring bankruptcy. Her medical bills were overwhelming and she still had no answers.

Sadly, this type of story walks through the doors of Renovare Wellness By Design on a regular basis. What went wrong for Mary?

Chronic diseases make up almost 80% of our health care challenges in the United States. God bless our medical doctors for the emergency acute life saving training they receive. Medical schools in the United States train their doctors for treatment of acute diseases (last less than 90 days). Examples of acute diseases are::

  • Severe infections
  • Broken bones
  • Heart Attacks
  • Severe blood loss
  • Strokes
  • Trauma
  • Wounds
  • Life-threatening crises
  • Life threatening auto accidents

Medical schools do not have any specialized training for chronic disease care (chronic disease = over 90 days). Television shows like E.R. portray the heroic efforts of our medical professionals saving lives with surgeries and all of their specialized trauma care that they are so good at .

So what do you think was causing Mary’s chronic open wound? She had been suffering from a chronic autoimmune disease. Her medical doctors could not detect it because they were never trained for the reversal or resolution of chronic conditions. They are trained for the emergency acute life saving training and how to prescribe medications to treat symptoms or diagnoses. Mary did not need either of these to resolve the open sore on her ankle. She needed a care plan that would help her discover what caused this whole situation to begin with. How did she start experiencing an autoimmune disease? Luckily Mary walked through the doors of Renovare Wellness By Design.

Since 1983, Renovare Wellness By Design has helped 1000’s of people with a long list of chronic disease conditions. Autoimmune disease and immune system diseases are at the top of that list..

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