Acupuncture hormonal imbalances chronic fatigue syndrome why am I so tired low thyroid health and wellness center Peoria AZFor many, acupuncture seems strange and exotic. For some, it seems far-east Voo-doo with religious connotations. In reality, what’s behind acupuncture makes a lot of sense.

Here are the basics:

  • Our body has an electrical system – like a car but more complex.
  • You can measure your body bio-electric system with a voltmeter from Radio Shack connected to your hands and feet.
  • EKG’s and EEG’s have been used for decades to measure electrical currents around the heart and brain.
  • These electrical currents flow throughout the body – not just the brain and heart.
  • Health requires plenty of electrical energy and balance – like a tuned up car with a strong battery.
  • Virtually every un-well patient I have tested and examined over the past 20 years has a run-down battery or needs a tune-up or both.
  • To “recharge the battery” we use forms of acupuncture that use laser, small electrical currents (micro-current) or thermal heating of the acupuncture recharge points.
  • To measure balance, we use “Electro-Meridian Imaging” or EMI testing.
  • We use laser, micro-current, magnets, or thin wires to treat specific points to “tune-up” our body bio-electric system.
  • Ear acupuncture points are the “keyboard” of your computer-like nervous system and brain.
  • We often feel more energized, peaceful, and balanced after acupuncture bio-electric re-balancing treatments.

Acupuncture has a long history and lot’s of scientific research from around the world to show it influences our body’s internal cellular communication and messaging. It has a long history of safety and effectiveness for pain-relief and promotion of healing and health.

Dr. Gerhart became interested in Acupuncture almost 20 years ago after watching his then partner and friend in practice help patients who had some profound results from acupuncture. His skepticism changed to curious interest and Dr. Gerhart has been studying and practicing acupuncture ever since.

While not a magic-bullet solution to every problem, it is an essential part of an integrated natural healing approach for most chronic disease problems Dr. Gerhart has encounter and has seen enough amazing responses to appreciate and respect it’s power to promote healing and relief.

We personally invite you to come into our office in Peoria, Arizona and talk to Dr. Gerhart about your health goals and needs. Please feel free to request an appointment today or give us a call. We are always ready to help you with empowering and compassionate care.

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