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Renovare: (from the Latin “to renew” or “to restore”)


Dr. Gerhart – Renovare Wellness by Design

Do you dream of a Doctor who takes the time to truly listen?…

Do you want to go beyond your symptoms to uncovering the “root” causes of your problems?…

Do you want a team of professionals who work together successfully to help all your needs?…

Do you want careful tracking of what works to make sure you get the most value from your care?…

Are you ready to reclaim your high level Energy, Vitality and Wellness?…

At Renovare, we understand that your healing journey is all about relationships. We also know that dealing with the underlying causes of your problems takes a team to support you in truly getting well.

We empower you to create a LifeStyle that fits your needs, desires, and genetic uniqueness. We help determine what you need and carefully measure to make sure your care fits your unique situation. We offer ultra-budget friendly options to more comprehensive care options – you are in control of each part of your care.


  • Professional-grade nutritional supplements, herbs, and homeopathics because the most expensive ones are the ones that don’t work.
  • Adjustments of spine, feet, hips, knees, shoulders, wrist and hands to de-stress your nervous system and promote healing.
  • Acupuncture to recharge and “tune-up” your body’s electrical system using:
  • Comfortable Micro-Wires
  • Laser or Micro-Current (needle-free)
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), and Auriculotherapy to energize your healing.
  • Hormone Balancing, Metabolism Support, & Weight Loss Programs
  • Certified LifeStyle Professionals on staff to assist you in creating a LifeStyle that works for you.

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